It’s just me again.

After years and years of being nudged and hinted at with hammers I’ve finally broken down and started a blog. So for all of you who wanted me to blog instead of pestering you with email missives where I reveal hidden truths and the flaws of the reasoning of others — it didn’t work! All of the emails, comments, forwarded articles may actually continue. Or maybe not.

So what am I doing here? In my email I responded. Here I am starting things. Things I have thought about, felt, pondered on … peering deep into that darkness. With some help from you maybe clarify what I am thinking, find out where I am flat-out wrong and where I missed the subtlety that casts light into dark corners, corners that are really passages full of twists and turns of their own.

So now that I’ve been vague, I’ll be a touch more specific. Next up the subject that finally got me to start this blog at all — someone who became a whisperer to me, one of the few who, even after I lost his books, I don’t forget: Ray Bradbury. Why do we obsess over how he was right about this or that? Isn’t there more?


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